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Maalesef - bu ürün artık mevcut değil


KARTOPU KAMPANYASI : Sepetinize farkli ürünler atin indiriminiz artsin ! Indiriminiz sepette yansimaktadir.
Tüm Oyunlar 90 Dakika
Tüm Oyunlar 2 - 4 Kişi
Tüm Oyunlar 13+ Yaş
Kargo Bedava
149,90 ₺
Dil: İngilizce

Your Galleys teeming with crew and cargo while you sail the Mediterranean seas, while your sole purpose is control the most prosperous trade routes, and ensure your strategy will succeed in filling your warehouses with a veritable fortune in gold, precious stones and spices. In this game players represent a merchant family during the Renaissance. Players attempt to balance the need of trading and open commerce versus the cut-throat economic piracy of the day. Players create a fleet of ships to purchase and move various commodities around the Mediterranean while also keeping well manned ships to attack and defend against other player's fleets.

Box Contains
1 x game board
15 x galleys
1 x sheet of stickers
120 x Sailor tokens
1 x Black token and 1 x White token
15 x Black cubes
14 x Wood cubes
12 x Stone cubes
12 x Marble cubes
12 x Wine cubes
10 x Gold cubes
10 x Spice cubes
19 x Port cards
5 x Doge cards
4 x Game Help cards
4 x Closed cards
5 x Fort tokens
6 x Basilica tokens
53 x coins (1, 5, 10 and 50 Ducats)
1 x rulebook

Ürünler özellikleri
Oyuncu Sayısı 2 - 4
Dil İngilizce
Süre 90
Yaş 13+